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6 Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Website

Domain names represent a site on world wide web. They are very important because whenever a visitor visits your website, Domain name is the first thing that he/she notices. If you are using proper branded domain name then chances will be high that he/she will revisit your site soon in future.  So here are 6 domain name registration tips that will help you to choose proper branded domain names.

1) Short and easy: maximum length for a domain name is 67 characters, but lengthy domain names are not ideal. So always, try to keep your domain name as short as possible. Never use a domain name more than 15 characters. Also make sure that domain name is easy to read and pronounceable.

2) Hyphens and Numbers:
 Hyphens and numbers make domain names hard to type as well as do not give a branded touch to domain names. So, never use hyphens and numbers in domain names.

3) Which TLD? : Many peoples are confused on the concept of TLDs and think that Google loves .org or .gov Top-level domain. Actually, this is not true, Google only loves content if your content is valuable to your readers than it will rank no matter whatever TLD you will use. So do not bother much about TLD and always use .com TLD if you are confused on which one to choose.

4) Say No to Trademarks: Registering a domain name, which includes a trademark, can drag you in some serious trouble. So never, register a domain name, which has trademark in it. Always do some research on Google before registering a domain name.

5) Consider Alternatives: domain name registers like bigrock provides you recommendations whenever your selected domain name is not available or registered already. So think on those alternatives else add some suffix or prefix to selected domain name to register that.

6) Branded or keyword: There are mainly two kinds of domain names, first one is branded name like facebook,twitter,stumbleupon,google and so on. Second, one is keyword domain names that are howtoroot, weightlossprogram, computertipsandtricks etc. Branded domain names are easy to remember and keyword domain names help to fetch out some genuine traffic from Google. So if you are registering a domain name for your organization then I recommend using branded domain name, and if you are registering a domain name for your personal use or blogging, then go with keyword domain names.

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