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NoFollow and NoIndex Tags – Why and How To Use them in Backlinks

‘No Follow’ – ‘No Index’ Meta Tag

When we use Meta tag with ‘no follow’ and ‘no index’ value it serves a specific purpose. It tells to search engine bot that don’t follow and don’t index this page and links available on this page.


If you don’t want to index your page in search engine due to some limitation or some other reason then we use special Meta tag to implement it.

Create Meta tag

<Meta name =”robots” content=”nofollow, noindex”>

Once we put the above Meta tag between the <head> </head> html tag, it tell Search engine bot that

NOINDEXèDon’t Index this page into Search Engine.

NOFOLLOWèDon’t follow (crawl) the links available in this page.

SEO Tips 1: If you want your page not to index only in Google Search engine then just use below line.

<Meta name =”googlebot” content=”nofollow, noindex”>

SEO Tips 2: If you don’t put the above Meta tag then default setting is

<Meta name =”robots” content=”follow, index”>

SEO Tips 3: There are different combinations available according to your need

<Meta name =”robots” content=”nofollow, index”>

<Meta name =”robots” content=”follow, noindex”>

<Meta name =”robots” content=”nofollow, noindex”>

Note: – You can put above Meta tag in your HTML file between <head> – </head> html tag.

Sample code



<title>New Page</title>

<Meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow”>



rel=”Nofollow” attribute in a link

If you don’t want to pass link juice to an external link or you don’t want that search engine follow and crawl the specific link then we use rel=’nofollow’.


How to make a link ‘nofollow’?

It’s very easy to make a link ‘nofollow’; just add rel=’nofollow’ in the link html code.

Sample Code

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> No Follow Link</a>

When we have to make a link ‘nofollow’?

There are various scenarios in which we have to make links ‘nofollow’ for example

Untrusted Content – If there are lots of untrusted content available on the page you are linking to then you can use ‘nofollow’ link property to avoid bad neighborhood attack/penalty.

Paid Link – Google suggest that all paid links must be ‘nofollow’ to avoid any kind of Google Penalty.