SEO Tips

Basic SEO Tips for WordPress blogs

Basic elements of WordPress

What are the basic elements of WordPress? I would say

1 – Category

2- Tag

3- Post

Let’s discuss these one by one



Category- As name defined Category use to categorize your post according to topics. Before stating any blog post we must create our ‘Category’. While choosing the ‘Category Name’ we should do a ‘Keyword Research’ so that we can choose a perfect SEO aligned name for our category. In wordpress we have option to describe your Category. We should properly describe your category and put your keyword in description.

Category plays an important role as you can put it in your permalink (URL of post) and URL is one of the important parts while Search Engine decides your position in SERP.

SEO Tips- Choose your category Name that matches with your targeted ‘Keywords’.

Tag-Tag is also as crucial as your ‘Categories’. You should select your ‘Tag’ name after doing a proper ‘Keyword Research’ and choose a name that matches with your ‘Keywords’

Post- It is core of the blog and we should focus on it more. Every post has two main parts

1- Title

‘Title’ is most important part for SEO; we should use our targeted ‘Keywords’ in our title to get better position in SERP.

SEO Tips-You should put your keywords in the starting of your title rather than in the middle or end of title.

2- Body

In the body we can apply SEO in three places ‘Text’, ‘Link’ and ‘Image’.

SEO in Body Text – Mark all the keywords in text as bold or put them into <h1>, <h2> or <h3> tag. Go to HTML editor of wordpress while creating a post and put your keyword into specific tags.


<h1>SEO Tips</h1>

Here  <h1> is starting tag and

</h1> is closing tag. Similarly you can use <h2> and <h3> tags.

SEO in Links – All the links in the body plays an important role in SEO. ‘Anchor Text’ of a link is best place to put your keywords. Another important place is ‘Title’ attribute of link, where you can put your keywords.


<a href= title=”SEO Tips, SEO in Links, SEO in WordPress”>Basic SEO Tips for WordPress</a>

In the above example text mention in brown color is your anchor text and title attribute is also mentioned in the above example.

SEO in Images – In image there is an ‘Alt’ attribute. We should use this attribute to put your keywords.

Apart from the above three elements of wordpress blog there are other places also that plays important role in SEO like:

Breadcrumb – It helps crawler to know your blog structure.

Meta Tag – Although Google doesn’t consider Meta Tag for SEO but there are other search engines that give values to Meta Keyword and Description Tags.

SEO Plugins – You can use WordPress SEO plugins to put keywords in Meta Tags and to get suitable keywords list according to your article content.

Post URL –  Wordpress provide facility to chose/Edit your post URL. You should use your Keywords in your article as a part of SEO.

SEO Tips – In URL remove stop words (e.g. a, an, the, or etc), they just unnecessarily increase the length of URL.

SEO Tips – You should avoid ‘Keyword Stuffing and ‘Keyword spam’ while putting your keywords for SEO, otherwise instead of getting high position in SERP you will get penalized by search engine.

SEO requires times to show its magic. Once you start implementing SEO techniques in your blog/website you should wait for couple of weeks (or month) to see its results.