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Best Image SEO Practice while deleting old image files

Let me explain the complete scenario so that you can also share your input about it.

A person is having an e-commerce website. He has lots of product images on his website. Now he has changed the Product Label, so now he has to change the product images with new label; rest of the information on page will remain same.

Now he wants to know what is best way to update the images so that his website’s SEO will not affect.

I found this question interesting so I thought I must share it with you all.

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What will happen if he delete all old Images and put new Images?

There will be two bad things will happen with his site if he delete all old images and put new images on server.

1-      He may loss all the traffic he was getting through Google Image Search.

2-      He will get a number of 404 errors in webmaster tool due the index URL of old images.

What is suggested SEO best practice in this scenario?

According to various webmaster suggestions;

1-      He should delete all his existing images.

2-      He should put new Images with the old image name.

3-      Update the sitemap.

Above steps will do a smooth replacement of old images with new images.

It will not lead to any 404 error as we are keeping the same image name.