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Does the on-page SEO benefit get transferred in a 301 redirect?

“Suppose a site ‘A’ is ranking on #1 position in SERP for a term ‘SEO Tips’. Site ‘A’ has good on-page seo (keywords in Title, URL, Domain etc.); due to some branding issue owner of site ‘A’ decides to change domain name to ‘B’ (site B is not have good on page SEO factor e.g. keywords not in Domain, Title etc.). He set a 301 redirect from site ‘A’ to site ‘B’.

Now question is –

“will site ‘B’ still rank #1 due to the 301 redirect from site ‘A’ or will it ranks lower?”

Or in other words we can say that

“Does the on-page SEO benefit of site ‘A’ get transferred in a 301 redirect?”


“Does only the link juice get transferred?”


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Let try to understand things one by one

‘301 redirect’ pass the link related values only

‘301 redirect’ just pass the link related properties only e.g.

  • It passes Link Juice from source to destination domain
  • It passes the Anchor Text benefit from source to destination domain

When we set ‘301 redirects’ from site ‘A’ to site ‘B’ then it doesn’t pass any on-page seo from ‘A’ to ‘B’ as on-page seo is property of individual page it cannot be transferred.

So ranking of site ‘B’ for the search term will not be same as it is for site ‘A’ because site ‘B’ doesn’t have that much strong on-page SEO.

Ranking of a site for a keyword depends upon lots of factor (200 + factor as per Google) so once you redirect from site ‘A’ to site ‘B’ then these factor values will also change so it is hard to predict the ranking in SERP for a similar search keyword for two different domain.

Some interesting facts about ‘301 redirect’

1-      As per Matt Cutt’s (Google representative from Spam Team), there is almost 15% loss of link juice while implementing ‘301 redirects’.

2-      If you implement a ‘301 redirect’ from site ‘A’ to site ‘B’ then outbound link on site ‘A’ will not get any link juice as logically site ‘A’ doesn’t exist anymore.