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Domain Authority vs Visibility – Which Is More Important

Authority: Authority means Domain Authority and Page Authority of a blog/website.

Visibility: Visibility denotes how many people read/see you article when it published on a particular website or in simple words readers count of a blog/website.

Now today’s question is

While writing a guest post for a blog/website what you consider Authority or Visibility.

I know most of you will go with high Authority blog/website.

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Authority vs Visibility Scenario

Let me give you a scenario that will help you to think again over it.

There is a blog which is having Domain Authority as 80 but it publish your article under a sub section which hardly get 500 visitor per day and another blog which is having low domain authority (say 40) but it is receiving 5000 visitor per day.

On high Authority blog, owner published usually 5-7 posts per day so you article will be on top for couple of hours and in second blog (low DA), owner published single post per day so your post will be on top for whole day.

Now tell me which blog you choose?

Think out of the box

Still 99% of you go for high authority blog because most of us write guest posts for backlink only so high authority blog seems more valuable to us but for a profession blogger visibility matters a lot.

Profession blogger or I would say blogger who knows readers matters will go with higher visibility blog option. Getting 5000 reader for your posts add some regular loyal visitor to your subscriber list.

Let’s try to know what other people say about it. Now you are aware about the scenario. Let me know which option you choose and why?

Note all other conditions are same both blogs (e.g. same niche, same DA/PA etc.).