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How to blog like a delicious hot pizza – Blogging Tips

Being a blogger most of the time I am busy in relating real world things with blogging. Yesterday, I was eating Pizza and while eating pizza I was thinking why millions of people are crazy about pizza.

I observed 5 important things about Pizza. If we apply to these 5 important attributed to blogging wisely then your reader will also become crazy for your blog.

Look and feel

First thing that attracts us towards Pizza is its look and feel. Same things apply to our blog as well. A blog with unique look and feel attracts more. Look and feel covers

  • Blog layout
  • Color combination
  • Font size
  • Placement of images/texts

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Topping on Pizza

Topping describes choice of people; different people like different topping. Similarly people who visit your blog may have different interests so you first need to create different categories/sub-categories in your blog so that your reader can select their topping (category) according to their interest.

To know more about your readers and their interests you can take data from webmaster tool, Google analytics and you can run some pools on your blog time to time to know what your readers wants.

Serve when it hot

All pizza providers put main focus on timely delivery so that their customer can get fresh and hot Pizza. Similarly you have to be proactively worked on your blog so that you can provide right information on right time. Nobody wants to read an outdated article.

Freebies Attracts more

Everyone likes free things and Pizza provider use this tricks very regularly. They always have some offer of “Buy this and get this free”; it helps them to attract new customer and increase sale.

Similarly you can also increase your blog followers by providing free stuffs (organize Giveaway, distribute e-books or cash prizes if possible).

Easy Access

Pizza providers provide ‘Take Away’, ‘Dine in’ and ‘Home Delivery’ options that make them easy to access for customer.

Similarly you should have responsive theme so that your readers can access your site Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and on Mobiles as well.

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