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How to create a strong backlink profile

Let’s discuss a scenario scenario like this one:

“A person has a blog. He has quality content on his blog and people love to read his blog.

He started sending 10 e-mails daily to other bloggers/webmasters in the same niche to get a backlink. As a result of all solid backlinks his ranking has jumped leaps and bounds.

Now he is not able to find more new blog/website in the same niche to link. What will happen to his blog now as he is not able to get more backlink as he was in the past? Will it give a negative impact on his blog ranking?”

Or in other words

“Will it impact ones ranking in SERP if he get lots of backlink in the starting and then stop getting backlink after some time?”

What is important in backlink, quality backlinks, authority backlinks, natural backlinks, anchor text and backlinks

What is ideal backlink creation frequency?  

Well there is no hard and fast rule for backlink frequency but it has been observed that too many backlinks in short period of time can put your blog/website on search engine (web spam) radar.

It is suggested that you should try to get backlinks with a steady speed e.g. 2-3 backlink per week. It should not be 200 backlink in one day and then no back link in next 6 month.

In a forum one of the webmaster shared that Google correlate between the growth of new backlinks and how much traffic a site receives.

So if a site that is hardly getting 5 visitors per day but having 10 new backlinks daily will be a target of search engine penalty; similarly if a website that is receiving 10000 visitors per day but don’t have any (or few) backlink would also be a target.

What is important while creating backlinks?

We have seen that Google has made a number of changes in its search algorithm last year and penalized thousands of blog/website for over optimization.

Now you have to be very cautious while creating backlinks for your blog/website. You need to consider following points.

1-      Try to get backlink only from similar niche sites

2-      Diversify your anchor text (user different (or mixed) anchor text)

3-      Backlink creation should be consistent. Don’t try to get hundreds of links overnight.

4-      Try to get backlinks from reputable authority sites.

5-      Avoid Link exchange, Paid Links and Link building networks.

6-      Avoid links from porn and penalized sites.

Try to build relationship; you will get natural backlink automatically

This is the mantra to get long term success in online world. Try to make relationship with your fellow bloggers and other website owners. Exchange ideas with others and start mentioning each other in article.

In this way you will start getting natural and high quality backlinks. Relationship also helps you to promote your blog, product or service.

Blogging is all about learning by sharing; more you discuss and share more you learn.