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How to Get 110+ High Quality Backlinks in Minutes for Free [List+Online Tool]


Getting high quality backlinks can be challenging. Everyone who’s tried will tell you that link building is a waiting game. It can take weeks to obtain high quality backlinks, and months to get them to work for your SEO.


In this article we’ll take a look at some of the shortcuts that can be used in link building. These will come in especially handy for new websites. Did you know that there are hundreds of websites – mostly online SEO and web catalogues – that will give you a backlink for free? Those can be High authority (DA/PA) sites that have been around for years – like, and relatively new site analyzers – but that’s even better for diversifying your backlink profile.


Below is the list of website analyzers and website submission directories where you can get a free backlink for your site. Be sure to use our Free Backlink Maker to create 50+ backlinks from these websites  in seconds, automatically.

There are actually quite a few directories for website submission, but please be aware that getting backlinks from these websites does not guarantee that you’ll reach #1 in search engines. As a matter of fact – it’s more of a kickstarter, and you’ll still need to work on building a strong backlink profile if you’re hoping to reach any significant results in SEO.


Now that you have the list – let’s answer some of the frequently asked link building questions.


How to build high-quality backlinks automatically?


You should be very careful when using tools for automatic link building. Search engines often penalize websites that have similar backlink profiles, as it serves as a good indication of the fact that backlinks have not been built manually. Using SiteIntel Backlink Maker will ensure you get high quality backlinks and stay out of harms away.


How does Google rank websites?


Google’s algorithms for ranking websites are not public. However, it’s safe to say that there are 3 major rankings factors: on-page SEO, backlinks and content.

  • On-page SEO represents how well your website is optimized for search crawlers, how easy it is to read from a search bot perspective.
  • Backlinks are still a major ranking factor. The more websites point to your site – the more authoritative it is in the eyes of search engines.
  • Content – the more quality content you have – the better.