Traffic Generation

How to get targeted traffic from forums

Forums are not a big source of flooded traffic like Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site but you can get ‘Targeted Traffic’ from forums.

Select Forum – Selecting most suitable forums is most important step because it decides whether you are going to get some targeted traffic from your selected forums or not.

First, do some research about top forums in your niche using Google search engine. You can use search term like

  1. 1.       SEO Forums
  2. 2.       Health Forums
  3. 3.       Internet marketing Forums
  4. 4.       Best SEO Forums
  5. 5.       Webmaster Forums
  6. 6.       Fashion Forums

Make a list of forums and then start checking their stats e.g.

  • PageRank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Whether they allow signature link in profile or not (it helps to bring traffic and money both)
  • Number of total members
  • Average online members monthly

List of forums that I am following

  1. Digital Point Forum
  2. Warriorforum
  3. Webmasterworld

Your Profile- After finalizing your forum(s) now it’s time to create your profile. While creating your profile you must consider following things

  • Username – it represents your brand so choose it carefully and try to keep it same in all forums.
  • About – Put all your information in ‘About’ section. Try to put information about your skill, services you are offering etc.
  • Contact Details – Provide all possible contact details like Twitter ID, Facebook ID, Google+ ID and e-mail etc.
  • Signature – Most of blogger allow you to add 2-3 links in your signature and most of the time these links are ‘dofollow’ so use your signature carefully to utilize its benefit.

You have selected your forum and created the profile, now it’s time to jump into forum but be careful and follow below steps to get maximum benefit from forums.

Wait and Watch Policy- Don’t rush in to share your links in different forums as admin may find you a spammer and can ban you from forum.

First read the rules of posting so that you will not be banned.

Once you are aware about the rule and regulation of forum then start analyzing the activity of other forum members. Try to understand what people are looking in forums and how different people providing solutions and information to rest of the members.

Give your best shot- Select those threads where you can provide valuable suggestion or solution. Appreciate others solution.

Start different learning threads and share your knowledge about the topic.

This systematic approach will help you to establish yourself as a valuable and knowledgeable member within the forum.

Participate in more burning threads to get maximum exposure and attention.

Breaking News- I have noticed that if you provide most updated news about the niche then you get maximum visitor to your thread and most of those visit your profile and final visit your blog/website too to know more about you.

So always try to be first to share latest updates about niche.

Add Keyword to your Thread Title

Whether you are aware or not but it is a fact that threads from forums get indexed in different search engine quickly because of their frequent content update nature. Search engine likes forums and thread from famous forums gets indexed on top page very easily.

So while selecting Title (subject line) for your thread, you must put keyword in that to get traffic from search engine as well.

Posting Frequency

Number of visitor to your blog from forum depends upon how frequently you are posting in forums. Forums have a rule latest (or active) threads appears on top and rest after that so you have keep your thread on top by regularly posting some information to that.

I have shared my tips with you all and now it’s time to share your feedback about my article and your experience about the traffic from forums.