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Does the on-page SEO benefit get transferred in a 301 redirect?

“Suppose a site ‘A’ is ranking on #1 position in SERP for a term ‘SEO Tips’. Site ‘A’ has good on-page seo (keywords in Title, URL, Domain etc.); due to some branding issue owner of site ‘A’ decides to change domain name to ‘B’ (site B is not have good on page SEO factor e.g. […]

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Keyword Research: Tips, Tricks, Tools for 2020

“Keyword Research” is one of the most important and interesting topics of blogging. What is Keyword? Key + Word = Keyword = “All important words that define your article are known as Keyword” Why we need it? Human need it because – ‘Keyword’ is important for easy selection and categorization. e.g. – When you go to […]