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Which backlinks are most beneficial for SEO?


Backlink – Whenever you get a link to your blog or website from other website or blog that link is known as backlink.

Why backlink – Backlink is one of the major criteria in Google Search algorithm that decides your article/post ranking in SERP.

We have covered the preliminary knowledge about backlink so we can now move to our original topic. So what you think are the most beneficial back links?

Quality of a back link depends upon lots of things

  • DA/PA of the site which is giving back links.
  • Number of sites linked to that site which is giving back link.
  • Content relevancy between the site which is giving back link and your website.
  • Domain category (.com, .edu, .net, .org, .gov  etc).
  • Authority of site which is giving back link.

Let’s discuss the above points

DA/PA – Links from high DA/PA sites always add more value to your back links.

Number of site linked – All we know that when you get a back link from a website then you are getting part of Link Juice from that site. If the site linked to fewer sites then you will get a quality Link juice through back link.

Let me explain it with an example

Suppose you have two friends and each is having 1 liter Mango Juice with him. Your first friend ‘A’ has to distribute that juice equally into two people. In that case each person will get 500 ml Juice. Now your second friend ‘B’ is distributing the juice to 10 people, in that case each person will get 100 ml.

The same rule applies to back link as well. If a website is giving back link to too many websites then you will get very small portion of its Link Juice. So try to get a link from that website which linked to less number of sites.

Content Relevancy – This is one of the major factors which decide the value of your content. Before the Google Penguin updates no body give preference to content relevancy but Google Penguin has increased the value of content relevancy. if you are getting a back link from a site which doesn’t belong to your niche or which doesn’t have content that matches to the content of your site then this link will be consider as ‘BAD Back Link’ and your site can get penalized for it.

Main aim behind the back link concept was to get more similar content while browsing one article.

So try to get back links from that website which belongs to your niche to avoid any penalty.

Domain Category – Links from .edu, .gov or .org domains have more value than links from .com websites.

Authority – Links from high authority sites have more value. Authority sites are those which have proved their value in terms of trust and quality information e.g. Wikipedia.

Apart from the other criteria back links from ‘forums’ , ‘book marking sites’ and ‘social networking’ site are also important.