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Tips to write a Search Engine Friendly and Eye Catching Title

What is the most important part of your article that can bring tons of traffic easily? It is the ‘Title’ of your article.

In an interview you can win your half battle with your first impression of confidence, your clothes and your posture. Same thing applies with ‘Title’ of your article; if it is catchy, short and easy to read then it motivates the visitor to read your article and if it is a plain sentence then your visitor moves on to another article.

So ‘Title’ works as first impression for your article.

You can create crispy, eye-catching and attractive titles by using below magical words.


List of Top X _______________________________________

e.g. – List of Top 10 earning blogs.


Tips to ____________ (Solution to a problem) ____________

E.g. Tips to improve your Alexa Rank.


How To ____________ (Implement solution to a problem) ___

E.g. How to improve page load speed.


X Things you don’t know about _________________________

e.g. 10 Things you don’t know about Genesis Framework.


X Ways __________ (To achieve a goal) ___________________

e.g. 5 Ways to improve your blog loading speed.


X Most Popular ______________________________________

e.g. 5 most popular social networking apps for your Android phone.


There are three types of bloggers in this world

  1. Bloggers who writes for Readers only.
  2. Bloggers who writes for Search Engines only.
  3. Bloggers who writes intelligently for readers and Search Engines both.

I am trying to develop myself as third type of blogger, so that I can please my readers and Search Engines in a single shot.

Above tips help you to create an eye catching Title for your post. Eye-catching Titles are required for Human (your readers) but what about search engine? It doesn’t have eyes J

  1. To create a Search Engine friendly ‘Post Title’ you just need to follow these tips:-
  2. Put your main keyword (keywords) at the starting of your Title.
  3. Keep your Title length within the permitted character limit specified by the most of Search Engine (60-70 Characters).
  4. Think like a user to get best possible search engine friendly Title.

E.g. if your laptop is not starting then what you would like to search in search engine

Most probably – “Toshiba laptop is not starting” or “What to do if Laptop is not starting”.

Use Google auto complete Suggestions to get most searched ‘Keyword Phrase’ to create a search engine friendly Title.

Suggested Title Format from SEOBLOGGERSTIPS

Option1 – Magical Word – Primary keyword –Secondary keyword | Brand Name

E.g. Top 10 SEO Tips to get tons of traffic from Google | SEO Bloggers Tips


Option2 – Magical Word – Primary keyword –Secondary keyword

E.g. Tips to Make Money online using your blog


Option3 – Brand Name | Magical Word – Primary keyword –Secondary keyword

E.g. SEO Bloggers Tips | Top 10 SEO Tips to get tons of traffic from Google


Note – Brand name is optional and its usage depends on your business model.

Your Post Title must have four basic qualities to be an attractive Title –

  1. It must be relevant to your article.
  2. It must be easy to read and understand.
  3. It must create a curiosity in reader’s mind.
  4. It must be complete.

Killer SEO Tips- Title tag has most value when it comes to ranking in Search Engine. Exact match Title always get top ranking (If there are hundreds of exact match Title for a single keyword phrase then other factors also play important roles).

Note- Avoid keyword stuffing in ‘Title’ tag.