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Top 5 attributes that make a site USEFUL in terms of content and UI

This is a quick short article which describes the Top 5 attributes of a website that makes it more Useful for readers in terms of content and UI.

I give it a though and here is my observation.

General Attributes that is applicable to any niche or any type of websites/blog

  1. Offer Unique Value – A useful website always offer unique value to its visitor; no matter whether it is an ecommerce website or a blog.
  2. Coverage of Topic– A useful website provides detailed information about the topic. When a user came to such site from search engines then it found the solution to his/her problem. After landing on such site user need not to search any more.
  3. User Engagement– A useful website keeps its visitor engages in various activities by providing lots of useful content. It provides reasons to user to visit website again and again.
  4. Site Structure– It as a key element of a useful website. Easy and smooth navigation keeps user busy in exploring your websites. Your website navigation should be implemented in such a way that neither it should provide too many choices nor very few because both situations create confusion in visitor’s mind.
  5. Responsive– A useful website provide easy to use and easy to navigate UI on all devices (PC, Laptop, Mobiles and tablets). It changes its UI according to device. A responsive UI is must in today’s scenarios where people access your websites on different devices.

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Attributes for E-Commerce websites

  1. Deal for Everyone– It should provide attractive deals for every type of users depending upon their buying capacity.
  2. Easy Selection– It should provide easy product selection with the help of ‘Filtering’, ‘Comparison’ and ‘reviews’.
  3. Responsive– It should be easily accessible on all kind of devices (Laptop, Desktop, Tablets or Mobile).
  4. Quality Content– It should have a blog that must provide high quality supporting content for each product/service that site is selling.
  5. Attractive landing Page– For e-commerce sites, landing page is key element. It should be highly relevant to the search query that user has used in search engine to land on this site.

My 2 cents

  1. It should provide
  • Better Deals (If it is ecommerce site)
  • Quality content (If it is blog)
  • Honest Reviews
  1. Don’t make it only for Google. Neither Google is going to read what you have written not Google will buy product/service you are selling. It is real people who will read or buy your service so focus of real human being.
  2. Provide option for feedback. It really helps to improve your service quality. People really like to provide feedback for both king of services (bad and good).