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Top Keywords | How to choose best keywords for your blog or website

‘Keyword’ and ‘Keyword Phrase’

Suppose you want to search for latest mobile phones available in the market then you open up your search browser (any search browser – Google, Bing or Yahoo etc.). You will put some search criteria like ‘Latest Mobile Phones’. Now for this search your keyword phrase is ‘Latest Mobile Phones’.

Suppose you want only those mobile phones which using Android operating system, you search for ‘Latest android mobile phones’. Now is this case you are using keyword phrase ‘Latest Android mobile phones’.

Combination or words that we use for search on different search browsers known as ‘Keywords phrase

And specific words with your phrase are keywords i.e. in above keywords phrase we have used keywords like – Android, Mobile phones etc.

Why keywords are important?

Before choosing the keywords for your blog/website we must understand why Keywords are important. Keywords are the most important thing which decides your ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result page). If your keywords are targeted and your article is unique then your position is SERP will be good and that will bring lots of traffic to your blog/website.

How to choose best keywords for your blog/website?

Analyze your niche/Domain – First you must do a research about your niche, like what is your niche, what is important in your niche, what is famous in your niche, what is not available in your niche, what you want to add/contribute in your niche etc. prepare a list of these questions and their answers. It will give you an idea about the important area of your niche.

Visit your competitor’s blog/website- Once you have a list of your business competitor’s or top name in your niche then you should visit their blog/websites and note down their keywords.

Check latest trend in your niche- You should check the latest trends in your niche and prepare a list of all keywords that best describe the latest trends in your niche.

Now you have all possible keywords that you can use in your blog/website but obviously you can’t use all of them as this may be a long list of keywords. So we have to shorten the keyword list by filtering it.

Choose a Keyword Analysis Tool- To filter your long list of keyword you need to use some Keyword analysis tool. I prefer to use ‘Google keyword Analysis Tool’ it’s free and very much accurate.

Competition vs Monthly Visit List- Now you should put your keywords in Google Keyword Analysis tool and note down competition level and monthly visit for each keyword.

Now you have all the keywords and their value in terms of competition and monthly visitor for those keywords.

Now the most difficult part

You have to put your mind to decide which keyword is important for your blog and can you best the competition. I have used below trick.

Select those keywords which is having low competition (0 to 0.1) and having monthly visitor like 20K concentrate on it and see the result.

Choosing the keywords is an ongoing process until you find best suited keywords that bring lots of traffic for you. Once you get 4-5 such keywords then stick with it and make a brand name for these keywords.