Traffic Generation

Types of blog traffic | Organic Traffic vs Referral Traffic vs Direct Traffic

Logically there are three type of Traffic that can hit to your blog/website.

1- Organic Traffic

2- Referral Traffic

3- Direct Traffic

Organic Traffic- Traffic that you are getting from the different Search Engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc.) is known as ‘Organic Traffic’.

Organic Traffic further can be categories as ‘Free Organic Traffic’ and ‘Paid Organic Traffic’.

What ever traffic you get from Search Engines without paying a single penny is come under the ‘Free Organic Traffic’ and if you are using any paid service like ‘Google Adwords’ for getting traffic from Search Engine that known as ‘Paid Organic Traffic’.

Advantage of ‘Organic Traffic’

Targeted traffic – In online business terminology ‘organic Traffic’ consider as highly targeted traffic because they came to your blog/website in search of something and they have choose your page by their own choice.

High Sale probability – If you provide paid service or sell affiliated products then organic traffic is your main customer and chances of buying something from your site is high in case of ‘Organic traffic’ (visitor who came from search Engine to your blog/website)

Free Traffic – ‘Organic traffic’ is freely available (business website use the paid organic service as well for their business). If you are providing ‘Unique’, ‘Original’ and ‘SEO Optimized’ content regularly then your article will be visible to more and more people on top position in SERP and you will receive more and more traffic (organic traffic).

Referral Traffic – If you are putting your blog/website link on other websites/blog then all the traffic that you get from those website/blog come under ‘Referral traffic’ (i.e. traffic from Social networking and Social Bookmarking website).

‘Referral Traffic’ can also be categories as ‘Free and Paid Referral Traffic’ based on whether you are paying to get traffic from these sources or not.

Advantage of ‘Referral Traffic’

Free Traffic – Again if you are good in handling ‘Social networking sites’ and ‘Social Bookmarking website’ then you are king of ‘Referral Traffic’. There are lots of Social networking sites which can provide thousands of thousands referral traffic free of cost (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.).

High Sale Probability- If you are putting your blog/website link on a website which can provide you traffic which is interested in your product then you can easily see a rise in your sale. You must do a through research for your product and social network which can provide you some real buyer.

Direct Traffic – People who are coming to your blog/website by putting your website address directly into browser come under ‘Direct Traffic’ category. ‘Direct Traffic’ also known as ‘Loyal traffic’ because these visitors know your blog/website and they like your content/service you provide.

Advantage of ‘Direct Traffic’

They are most valuable and loyal visitor for you because they know your blog/website and they like your content/service. no matter what is your ranking in search engine and what you are doing on social network, they always be your follower until you provide then good content/service.